Photographer and Director

Gary's fascination with photography began as a kid growing up in Virginia Beach shooting his friends surfing and skateboarding.

Gary Land is an award-winning director and photographer whose career has produced an unparalleled portfolio of broadcast and print work. He began as a photography legend in the snowboarding industry, and from there has shot countless A-list celebrity athletes, numerous large scale ad-campaigns from Nike to AT&T to Coca-Cola, and collaborated with the likes of Stance Socks, Undefeated, and Bodega, who’ve all designed products that feature Gary’s images. He collaborated with Peter Jackson and Neil Blomkamp to create pre-visuals for the movie District 9, and his most recent photography books are Born to Play Baseball and AI, a collection of action and behind the scenes portraits of Allen Iverson that span over a decade. Gary’s scope of work, reputation and creative drive are unmatched in the industry. A true creative partner, he always gets the boards, but doesn’t stop there, infusing each job with freshness and expertise, until it’s perfect.  

Having passion for something is the key to success. For me that passion is the art of creating visuals. I look at each day as a new adventure and I hope to end the day having learned something new.
— Gary Land