Story boards created in stills to feed my curiosity


Jettisoned from hyperspace, a young explorer abruptly crashes down into an unknown planets’ ocean. Forced to swim to dry land and abandon her vessel, she is relegated to explore uncharted waters. During her journey she happens upon a most obscure and unexpected discovery altering her course forever.



Set in a small coastal town during WWII, a young girl learns that her father's plane has gone missing. Heartbroken, she enlists the help of her brothers to search for him. Together, they build a set of wings and set off on an epic adventure.



A shadow passes over the life of a wealthy, God fearing, man. His beloved wife falls dreadfully ill and passes away. No sooner than he says his final goodbyes, his sweet daughter begins to spin out of control. The evil that unravels is more sinister than anyone could have imagined.