Years ago I had the privilege of traveling down to New Orleans to shoot behind the scenes during the Hot Boyz video "I got the fire!" There I was, this eager, young photographer out to prove to the executives at Reebok that I was ready to shoot any and everything for them.  The location was the Magnolia Projects, one of the roughest neighborhoods in the country. I remember us driving our white pass van through the streets on our way there. My boy Linwood Harper was in the passenger seat with his video camera pointed out the window rolling on some texture shots. We started to notice several people diving off their stoops and running from us. They thought we were gang rivals about to do a drive by. LInwood quickly rolled up his window and we sped up to our locartion. The van pulled up in front of a large group of people standing out front of some slums. I quickly exited with my camera and noticed Lil Wayne standing in front of his yellow SLK with a few of his friends. I said what's up and snapped a portrait of him giving me the finger. It was a good day.  

gary land