Finding Suazo

Under Armour asked us to travel to Chile to capture a few kids as they competed for a spot on their countries biggest futbol club, Colo-Colo.


Gabriel Alonso Suazo

Although our job was to shoot multiple players going through the system, one kid stood out among the rest. After the first day of shooting I called my guys back at Under Armor and told them of this kid who was the real deal and how I thought we should just focus our attention on him. They agreed to the plan and our team spent the next four days documenting Gabriel Suazo as he went through his daily routine of trying to beat out the hundreds of kids who were also competing for the same spot. Gabriel's chances of making the first team were uncertain but his attitude and commitment made him a favorite amongst the coaches. We learned a lot about Gabriel in those four days. He had been enrolled in the academy for several years and he was at the end of his tenure. His brother had gone through the same system at Colo-Colo only to fail.  We interviewed Gabriel on one of the days and watched as tears fell from his eyes as he spoke about how important it was for him to make the team. Over those four days we shot over 48 hours of footage and over 10,000 images. We we all became believers of Gabriel and when we left Chile we knew he would do great things even if he didn't make his dream team.

Gabriel currently plays for Colo-Colo and has made a name for himself. Last May Gabriel traveled out to Gillette Stadium to play for Chile's National Team during the Copa America.